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Ambler Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Pennsylvania Employment Attorney

Discrimination, Harassment and Civil Rights

Through my years of experience specializing in employment law matters, including civil rights, I have learned that employment relationships are complex, and when these relationships fail, the injured party is often very traumatized and emotional.

These emotions have to be contained and addressed before the client can begin to hear and understand the legal issues, and implications, associated with their situation.

The foundation of this process is listening.

My practice as an attorney is founded upon taking the time to listen to my clients and to understand their needs as the primary step in creating a successful working relationship.

Developing an in depth appreciation for all facets of the situation enables me to "walk in the shoes" of the client. From there I'm able to be a full and empathetic partner in formulating the appropriate response and strategy to resolving the problem.

Dialogue and honest answers are equally important.

Open dialogue is critical to the process. I understand that clients are often anxious and burdened by their entry into the legal system. I explain to the client in a clear and logical manner the process, identify the legal issues, and help the client to pinpoint his or her main goal for a successful resolution.

After discussing the facts, the law and your legal options, and identifying your goals, I will work with you to develop a plan and strategy that will give us the best chance for a positive outcome. Having established a secure partnership, the client is in a position to engage in a full disclosure about all aspects of the problem. Out of this dialogue emerges those facts essential to bringing the case to a successful resolution.

I have practiced for over 20 years, and have a broad variety of employment law experience, handling matters ranging from ERISA litigation to executive severance package disputes, to general workplace discrimination. These experiences have given me a great deal of knowledge and skill, as well as a perspective that now serves to benefit my clients.

Whether you're an employee who has been illegally discriminated against, harassed or terminated from your job, or a small business owner trying to implement proactive employment law policies, contact an experienced Pennsylvania employment lawyer at the law offices of Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq. today.

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We really can't say enough about Kim. She took on our case when even the 'big' law firms in Philadelphia were reluctant, as our legal problem was very unique and many lawyers hadn't really ever heard of what we were trying to accomplish... However, due to Kim's extremely competent, professional and tenacious manner, it wasn't long before we saw our matter resolved to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend her as an attorney. Thank you, Kim, for a great job. You made a tremendous difference in two people's lives!

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