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Discrimination & Sexual Harassment

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Age Discrimination Attorney

Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq.

Discrimination comes in a wide range of forms and may be based on factors such as age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation and disability. In spite of increased societal awareness, discussion, education and training, discrimination is still pervasive in the workplace.

If you think you have been treated differently at work because of your status as a member of a protected class, it is important that you seek the advice and representation of an experienced Pennsylvania discrimination lawyer as soon as possible.

In my practice as an attorney, I represent victims of workplace age, race, sex and disability discrimination in the Philadelphia Metro area and throughout the eastern Pennsylvania region. I have years of experience handling these types of claims and a thorough knowledge and understanding of both the legal issues involved and the emotionally sensitive nature of these concerns.

Philadelphia Sexual Harassment Lawyer

There are two basic types of sexual harassment that occur in the workplace. The first one is known as "Quid Pro Quo" harassment and occurs when someone is offered an inducement such as a promotion in exchange for some form of sexual attention.

The second type involves what is known as a "hostile work environment." In a hostile work environment, an individual is subjected to different treatment on the basis of their gender. This may include inappropriate comments, touching, "practical jokes," and other similar types of actions. Harassment can occur against either sex by members of that sex or the opposite sex.

I also provide guidance to business owners interested in preventing instances of harassment or discrimination and representation in meritless claims made against them.

Whether you need Pennsylvania age, sex or race discrimination lawyer (Title VII) or Title IX (educational institutions) attorney, I can help you to understand your situation from a legal standpoint and develop a plan to reach a successful outcome.

Contact me at my Ambler, Pennsylvania, law offices today.

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We really can't say enough about Kim. She took on our case when even the 'big' law firms in Philadelphia were reluctant, as our legal problem was very unique and many lawyers hadn't really ever heard of what we were trying to accomplish... However, due to Kim's extremely competent, professional and tenacious manner, it wasn't long before we saw our matter resolved to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend her as an attorney. Thank you, Kim, for a great job. You made a tremendous difference in two people's lives!

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