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Executive Employment & Severance Agreements

Montgomery County Executive Employment Agreement Attorney

Bucks County Severance Agreement Lawyer

The employee/employer relationship can benefit significantly from agreements that clearly lay out the obligations, rights and expectations of the parties. Similarly, when the employment relationship ends, a fair severance agreement can make the termination and transition more palatable for everyone, and less anxiety-filled for the departing employee.

At the law office of Kimberly H. Ashbach, Esq., I negotiate, draft and review employment and severance agreements for executives, managers, technology specialists and other high-level professionals. With nearly 20 years of employment law experience, I know how important it is for these agreements to be fair, to provide adequate compensation and to protect your rights.

To arrange a consultation with an experienced Montgomery County employment and severance agreement lawyer, please call 267.468.0613 or contact my Ambler law firm online. I serve clients in the Philadelphia metro area and throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

Comprehensive Employment Agreements

As a highly skilled negotiator, I work with both employers and employees, helping them to craft agreements that provide the type of compensation and benefits packages that match the marketplace. If you are an executive and you have already been offered a position with a company, I can review the agreement presented to you. I am available to assist individuals and businesses with a wide variety of executive employment agreements, including:

  • Pre-employment agreements
  • Term employment contracts
  • Trade secret and nondisclosure agreements
  • Noncompete agreements or restrictive covenants
  • Telecommuting agreements
  • Proprietary agreements

Severance Agreements

If you are leaving your company and you have been offered a severance package, you should speak with a trusted employment attorney. Most severance agreements contain general releases requiring that you waive your right to bring a lawsuit against the company in the future. Before executing any such agreement, you need to understand what, if any, rights that you are relinquishing.

I will analyze the agreement to see if more favorable terms are possible and if the compensation provided to you is adequate. Often, if you have a potential claim against the company, I can achieve a larger severance package for you.

If you are an employer, and you are concerned about potential legal action by an employee, we can draft severance agreements designed to minimize the risk of litigation and protect your company's interests.

Let My Experience Work for You

As someone who understands the issues and interests at play on both sides of the negotiating table, I am usually able to achieve solutions that would otherwise not be possible — resolving thorny dissolutions of employment relationships without the need for a protracted and expensive courtroom battle.

However, there are times when going to court is the only way truly to protect my clients' interests. If your case goes to trial, you can trust in my proven ability to present cases to judges and juries across Pennsylvania.

Contact an Experienced Philadelphia Executive Compensation Attorney

To learn more about how I can assist you or your company, please schedule a consultation with me. Call 267.468.0613 or contact my Ambler law firm online.

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We really can't say enough about Kim. She took on our case when even the 'big' law firms in Philadelphia were reluctant, as our legal problem was very unique and many lawyers hadn't really ever heard of what we were trying to accomplish... However, due to Kim's extremely competent, professional and tenacious manner, it wasn't long before we saw our matter resolved to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend her as an attorney. Thank you, Kim, for a great job. You made a tremendous difference in two people's lives!

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