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Montgomery County Retaliation Attorney

Strong Representation for Mistreated Workers

Employees who expose their employer's wrongdoing or report discrimination and harassment in the workplace may not be retaliated against under state and federal law. However, many Pennsylvania workers are demoted, fired or treated in other wrongful ways after reporting unlawful conduct.

I am Kimberly H. Ashbach, and I represent employees who have suffered workplace retaliation. The law prohibits employers from retaliating, but it is a common event in the workplace. I counsel workers on how to protect themselves when facing potential adverse employment decisions.

To arrange a consultation with experienced Montgomery County retaliation lawyer Kim Ashbach, please call 267.468.0613 or contact my Ambler law firm online.

Common Reasons for Retaliation

After nearly 20 years of practicing employment law, I have the skill and knowledge needed to vindicate the rights of employees who have been retaliated against by their employers. I have handled a variety of cases involving retaliation for:

Recognizing Retaliation

Retaliation comes in many forms; some is covert and pretextual, while other retaliation is more obvious. As your attorney, I will investigate the situation and help you take appropriate action. Some common types of workplace retaliation are:

  • Wrongful discharge/wrongful termination (firing)
  • Demotion
  • Unwanted transfer to another department or area within the company
  • Dead-ending (no advancement opportunities)
  • Unjustified negative performance reviews

Representation for Employers

In my practice as a Pennsylvania retaliation lawyer, I regularly represent employers who are facing lawsuits by employees alleging retaliation. These claims can arise under a variety of statutes, such as Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Act. My vast experience handling both sides of these cases allows me to see the case from all points of view. I can anticipate the arguments the other side will make, and respond accordingly, allowing me to aggressively defend these cases and therefore protect your company's interests and reputation.

I can also counsel your business in how to prevent these claims from being made, by setting up best practices for the organization, targeted to proper management and discipline of employees.

Ambler Employment Agreement Lawyer

To learn more about how I can assist you or your company, please schedule a consultation with me. Call 267.468.0613 or contact my Ambler law firm online.

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We really can't say enough about Kim. She took on our case when even the 'big' law firms in Philadelphia were reluctant, as our legal problem was very unique and many lawyers hadn't really ever heard of what we were trying to accomplish... However, due to Kim's extremely competent, professional and tenacious manner, it wasn't long before we saw our matter resolved to our satisfaction. We would highly recommend her as an attorney. Thank you, Kim, for a great job. You made a tremendous difference in two people's lives!

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